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What is a meditation? We are seeing people sitting on a cushion and doing nothing.... Are they even allowed to think? There are a lot of misconceptions about meditation. There is actually nothing mystic or strange about meditation. In fact, the process of meditation is pretty hands on and practical. So, let me start with getting some common misconceptions out of the way:

  • meditation is not a religion

  • you don't have to not think, which is impossible anyway

  • meditation is not just to relax, it can also be hard work

  • you don't have to sit crossed legged to meditate, find your own comfortable position

  • there also active meditations, as in walking meditation or meditating while cleaning, brushing your teeth, eating and so on

But the most important thing about meditation is to have an intention. Meditating is not just sitting around and doing nothing. Instead you might want to find an intention to your practice. This could be arriving in the present moment, becoming aware of thoughts or emotions without judging them or being kind to myself and others. Having an intention for your practice will help you to guide yourself through your practice, and it will help to understand your thoughts and emotions better and improve your ability to concentrate.

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