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Constant stress doesn't have to be the new normal. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction can help you to become the CEO of your mind, reduce signs of stress and improve your mental and physical health.

MBSR brings light into our automatic behaviour and reactivity to difficult situations. The program runs 8 weekly sessions and one retreat day in which you will learn how pay attention to the present moment in a non-judging and self-compassionate way, which will help you to respond mindfully to stress instead of unconsciously reacting to it. All mindfulness classes are trauma sensitive.

Did you know, that some health insurance companies or employers might reimburse the costs for a MBSR training!

NEW! Individual MBSR Coaching

Not everyone feels comfortable in a group and that is okay. If you are interested in starting the MBSR journey but you don't like to join a group you can also do the 8 week program in an individual setting. The price for the individual training is €400 including all materials and a workbook.  Feel free to contact me! 

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