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Breathing Meditation
00:00 / 09:29

Join one of the meditation classes, no experience needed!

What is meditation?

Meditation is basically taking time and on purpose bringing your mind into the present moment to pay attention to whatever comes up. Very important to a meditation is trying not to judge what happens during the practice and being kind to yourself.

What is a meditation NOT?

A meditation is not a religious or spiritual practice; it can be but it doesn't have to be. Another misconception is that meditation has to be relaxing. That is mostly not the the case unless relaxation is the intention of your practice. It doesn't mean that relaxation is never happening or even wrong, it just means that it is not the main focus in mindfulness practices. Your mind has to be empty and you can't have any thoughts during meditation is also a common misconception. As long we are in possession of a brain I don't think it will be possible not to think, and it is also not the goal. However, what we practice is not to go into every detail of our thoughts and trying to see them as mental events rather than true facts.

In my meditation classes I use similar methods to what is common in MBSR/MBCT trainings. That means that we define the intention for the practice and have an exchange about experiences after the practice to gain insight about what happens in the body and the mind. To have an intention doesn't mean to have a goal. It just means that you know why you are doing this practice to avoid confusion throughout the meditation. Of course, it is not mandatory for every participant to take part at the exchange but you might also learn about yourself and your automatic reactions just from listening to others.

Walking Meditation 


Walking Meditation
Wednesday morning 9:30

The Walking Meditation is the perfect way to start the day! Meeting point will be in Meerhoven- Winkelcentrum. The walk will take 1-1,5h.

Price: €10 p.p.


Evening Meditation every Thursday at 20:00

Let's the day finish with a guided one hour evening meditation. The meditations will change weekly. No experience needed!

Price: €10 p.p.

Meditation Group

Silent Retreat Day

As a gift for my 50th birthday, I offer a free silent retreat day!

When: Sat. February 3rd 2024

            10:00 to 16:00

Where: Grasleeuwerik 23

             5658EG Eindhoven

Sorry, but this retreat is not for absolute beginners. Only 10 Spots available!

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